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Rick & Carol

my first home brew

Well. During the summer we made up batches of Raspberry, gooseberry, blackcurrent, blackberry & rhubarb wine. First attempt for us.

We knew it was definitely alcoholic as we gave the must to the pigs when we transferred to demijohns and they staggered about a bit and smelt like Saturday night revellers.  

After racking into spare demijohns for an extra month we finally bottled it this week  have 46 full bottles sitting in the brew room. The odd half bottles have been sampled ths week & happy to report, it's clear, tastes good, good nose and although the raspberry seems a bit weak the blackberry knocks your socks off. All in all - very pleased.

All sounds good to me.  

A brew room ..........very posh, all my brews are put on a shelf  in the barn and turned, shaken and tasted as needed.

Last week I bottled six litres of Victoria plum, Mirabella plum, and rhubarb  rom, taste test for other people is tomorrow after a days shooting.


I've been privileged to try a selection sent to me by Border in the past, excellent they were too now that was some taste test........
Wish you well with them  ......

I'm smiling at the thought of pissed pigs.

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