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My First Catch!!!

Well.... yesterday was my first time Sea Fishing totally brilliant afternoon  

The Bait...

The Rods...

The Master Caster...

The Trusty Unbreakable Refreshment Vessel...

And My First Catch!!! Was massive must have been at least 2lb+... awwww how I faught the elements it was exhausting trying to land my first catch, no net to help me guide it into the shore just pure skill and dedication...
It was worth it though! I'd managed to land myself       ....

A BIG....

A Huge....

Bunch Of Seaweed        

LOL! well there's allways this afternoon... might be lucky and get meself a new Wellie  

Hope you took it home for the composter !!!!


Welcome to the club.

I realse'd it back into the wild...  

Anyway found this site quite a good read
until my book arrives

mmmmmmm perhaps you need to try a different bait. I hear fish like chips      

If you go to dig your own bait Moronesse, walk very quietly.
Those worms have enormous Lug 'oles.
Bet she thinks you can only dig the red ones with pincers during Rag Week.

At least you have enough for some crispy seaweed  

same happened the otherday... Oxwich Bay, bloodly fishes jumping in front of us literally! perfect weather conditions, 2 sea rods and a spinner what we catch... a allergy lol!!!

Whoever said it wouldn't be fun if it was easy, was talking a load of cobblers !

Lost count of the days i have had just like that but without the seaweed, still enjoy it though looks like a nice spot to while away a few hours

I've had many a pleasant blank (not as many as Bodge or "G" though ).
A nice day on the bank, bit of wildlife to watch, just looking at the float gently bobbing about.
A bonus.

We had a coffee yesterday on mumbles pier... tbh not for a relaxing time it was to spy on the local fishermen    

We spotted a local we'd seen before in the fishing shop he was just under the pier it was low tide... no fancy tackle (so to speak) and no fancy casting he just lobbed his line in not even 20ft! and within 10 mins pulled out a good 4lb+ bass without a care in the world!   I think we're trying to hard maybe    

It's amazing how many people cast over the fish.
Take on a pier. I've watched bods with beach casters wacking a lead out to the horizon. Me? 10ft. 2lb. test curve rod, 8lb. line, small multiplier and just drop it straight down. 4ft. flowing trace on the bottom and a sliver of mackie skin on another trace halfway between mid water and surface. It works, well it got me though to the News of the World, Southend final enough times. The fish visit the pier supports to feed and follow the water up. The tide also scours out round the bottom of the supports thus releasing even more scoff.
From the beach, unless you have real local knowledge of the underwater channels or hollows just try three breakers out on a making tide.
You are trying too hard but in the wrong way!

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