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my dog

meet ben

hope you can see a picture first time tried to down load a pic
jack russell

can't see ben on the post but is that him on your avatar


green man

Beautiful is ben indeed

He looks lovely Steve (I realise now that labs spend most of their time sitting down) :-)

yes that is ben on activar,still trying to work out how to post pictures,not to clever with computers yet, but i will keep trying.cheers steve

Steve - I've PMd you


That is a terrific picture of a lovely dog....what a fabulous expression he has on his face!!

What a cutie - such a soft face!

Here are my 2

The yellow one is called Bob and the black one is called Lenny .

yes they are lovely dogs i am now thinking about getting another lab so ben has a playmate.

Bob still looks a bit leggy - like his body's got to grow into his legs sort of thing. :-)

:: :: ::
Poor Bob!!! That was taken beginning September. He is 6 months old now but yes he has always seemed an odd shape to me. His tail is really long, his ears uneven and he looks more like a girl dog than a boy!!!

Ben is a lovely dog Steve.C - he has a lovely look about him :-) If you are thinking of getting another dog, I think we did a good thing getting Bob, I'm sure it has enhanced Lenny's life. Lenny is 2 years older than Bob. I've never had more than one dog before

MrsWW wrote:
Bob still looks a bit leggy - like his body's got to grow into his legs sort of thing. :-)

Lurchers are like that :: :: ::

:q28: :q28:

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