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My Chookblog

From this:

to this

in 18 weeks!

Hi Everybody, When OH and I got 12 new POL chooks last August, we loved the White Amberlinks and decided to try getting some day olds to rear ourselves.  Once we'd brought them home, I thought about the best ways of selling them once they reached 18 weeks, and as well as advertising in the local papers, I thought about a website.  However, I decided a blog might be easier to start with so I started one as an online diary, with lots of info about my trials and tribulations, some pics and a page letting people know we would have POL's for sale in January.

I asked a webmaker friend on another forum to have a look to see if he thought it was okay, and he obligingly came back with some suggestions, then asked if he could help me improve the blog.  Nice lad John!!! lol

I've now got a lovely blog with more features on it than the original, and I would love you to have a look at it.

Thank you!

Hiya grannieannie,
I don't know whether it's a temporary blip but I couldn't get internet explorer to load your blog. I'll try again later :-)

Looks great GA!  

Good record GA

Thank you everyone.  I've had more enquiries from the blog than any other adverts yet, but you do get some strange ones!

I've had people from Surrey, Aberdovey, Somerset, France and
MISSISSIPPI, asking how much to post them!!!!! lol  Of course the one in Mississippi thought I was in Boston Mass!!!!!

Then today I had an enquiry from an 11 year old who wanted to know if I was near Somerset as his family wanted some white chooks just like my ones.  then he asked if I could supply him with detailed plans for a chicken house, complete with measurements!!!!

I've got a man coming down from Selby tmorrow for 10, but my eldest daughter's outlaws have let me down over the 15 they wanted.  DRAT!

I understand that you've had some very satisfied customers with your POL pullets. Well done you.

Hi Bodger, yes thank you! Brilliant isn't it?     Only 18 left, and another lady coming for 6 tomorrow!  And a man last week bought 2 of my goldlines who are 5 months older, but he likes the red chickens!!!!!  (I didn't like to tell him they are brown!!! lol)

Shall I bore everyone on here with some pics of the new babies???? lol

Here they are at day old!  65 meat chicks of different types.


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