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Dave C

My Boys first Trout

Took my 2 lads fishing with my mate at the weekend, first day of the Trout season and it was a cracker.

My youngest lad catching his first ever trout
He is only 10, so many more to come.

We bagged 14 between us so a good start to the season.
Just got to get them on the Fly now


Fantastic, supper fish! He looks seriously chuffed, and rightly so! Congratulations!  
One for the Pot

Very nice Dave. I enjoy barbel fishing, and swim feeding for bream and tench, also I like to trot a line. Trout fishing I have never tried. I think this year I will have to give it a go for sure.

Your sons did very well.

Dave C

Thanks lads,

I like to fly fish myself but they have got to start somewhere and they really enjoy it.


Spot on  

great stuff love to see youngsters doing these type things and so well too.

Brilliant Dave, you must be very proud, I can't wait for my kid;s getting their first fish.  I'm with you on the fly, but hey, get the nippers hooked on any way that catches fish and iron out the finer points later

Super duper Dave.  I can guess what was for tea.
Dave C

Yeh it was trout for tea mate and a few for the freezer and friends.

Yes its great just getting them out there doing it, although we did go through quite a bit of tackle and i spent all the day setting them up again & again & again , (must teach them how to set up themselves before we go again)

But its all good fun and keeps them off the dam Xbox.


Good stuff , thats the start of a lifetime hobby , well done.

what a great start for him   OH is looking forward to when he can take our grandson out.

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