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My beautiful girl

Pereg broke her streak after one year and 177 days by having a Grand Mal seizure at 2am Thursday night/Friday morning 4/5th April.  Another two two weeks later, so we are sort of back to square one, although maybe [hopefully] they were just odd episodes.

But all her blood tests taken on 28 April came back spot on perfect, and she has not only lost the excessive weight she gained when first on medication but is now 400g less than when the epilepsy started, just over two years ago!

I wish my weight-loss diet was a fraction as good as hers has been - from 17kg up to 20.8kg in 6 months and now down to 16.6kg 18 months later!

Looking out of the door...

Showing off her slenderness..


She is beautiful A cracker looking dog, hope it is just A once only she looks too healthy can see why you love her  

That is the thing.  She is healthy.  100% healthy and now at a perfect weight, thanks to raw feeding, accurate scales, and a lot of studying about vitamins and supplements.  She is healthy, she just happens to be epileptic.  

Oh, and a lot of arguments when she said she wanted more food and I would not give her any more!

I knew it would not, could not last, but when she broke her streak it almost broke my heart.  But if I had the choice of an epileptic Pereg or no dog at all, I guess the answer is obvious!

fine looking dog! A creit to her owner

She's looking great Juli! Well done Pereg!  

She certainly is looking good.  Hope things go well from now on. x

You've done Great by her, Juli! Her condition a true testament to your wonderful care.

Juli I agree No dog is no life must have been some great battles   but bet she loves her Mum.

that first photo is lovely; what a great wee dog

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