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My Bargain

Rumour had it that a bloke with a log business had several loads of large trunks of beech, oak and ash, that he could not put though his logging machine, but my machine can saw and split it.

I managed to locate this bloke this morning, and sure enough he had a large pile of hardwood trunks that had a diameter of over 1 1/2 foot and 10 foot long, seasoned ready for the wood boiler this Winter.

After about 20 minutes of haggling we came to a price of 230 quid a load and I can buy all future loads. Having me buy the wood he saves a lot of time, by not having to saw it up with a chain saw and then having to split it, two operations he now does not have to do.  

Now that is what I call a bargain.


  great price. What is problem with Chainsaw and split we do ours that way

Nice looking timber there

Now that is a load!

Well haggled!  


You just can't resist wood can you?

kaz wrote:
You just can't resist wood can you?

No Kaz, I really like working with wood.

Before my back problems, some of my quality time was spent out in the forests felling trees and sawing them up wood for logs.

Plus I like a bargain of any kind.

sod wrote:
  great price. What is problem with Chainsaw and split we do ours that way

No problem using a chainsaw Sod, just the bloke I brought the Wood from has a logging machine and they were to big to go though it.

If he had to use a chainsaw to saw them up into pieces he could lift on to a splitter, split them, these two operation would eat up most of his profits, so it was cheaper to sell all the large trunks to me, and at that price I grabed has arm off.

We both win, he gets his yard cleared of wood that is to big for his machine and I get some cheap wood which will go though my machine.

While writting my last post my phone rings, its the bloke with the Wood he has another load ready for Collection, so see you all later, I'm off to fetch another load.

Just fetched the second load of mixed hard wood

10-11 of these to a load.

Here a pic of my wood stack, most of it is larch and pine and was felled Oct 2012 so it will be well seasoned by the time I burn it in the Winter of 2014-15.

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