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Rick & Carol

mushroom crop

A first for us, Often foraged and come back with mushrooms but today was a first, a good sized dryads saddle on our own land, veggie casserole tonight leaning heavily on the mushroom.


That's a whopper. I've never tried one, how good do you rate them?

Oh very nice

Share the recipe please ?

We get a lot of oysters and jelly ears around here. Chicken of the Woods too,  which is lovely, but oh ye gods does it give me wind  

Rick & Carol

It's quite a meaty texture, not too dissimilar to chicken of the woods, if you've had that. So we rate it highly as it makes for almost being a meat substitute when cooking a substantial amount, young ones are best as they can go a bit woody. As for a recipe we just cube it up discarding any older/woody parts, shallow fry for a short time then treat as we would cubes of meat. Tonight Carol tells me she will then add onion, butter beans, whatever other veg is lying around and cook up as a curry.

looks good  
I often see mushrooms where I keep my pony but am not confident enough to pick now (even though I have a book identifying edibles lol!) & I used to pick them with my dad when I was a lot younger. Early morning visit to ponies, mushrooms in field - Dad & mum ate for breakfast

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