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muntons beer kits

just picked up 3 beer kits from local carboot. £3.00, the date is nov. 2016.
should they be ok?  would you guys use
new yeast or will that be ok also.  

Being tight I'd use it rather than buy more lol.
Nice find too  

The kits will be OK provided the tins aren't badly rusted.
Again the yeast should be OK.
Try it, if it has not started in 2 to 3 days depending on temperature just pitch a fresh yeast.    

tins are nice and clean, no rust on them. the guy had lots of wine kits also. yeast and instructions are under the lids. 1 barley wine 1 scottish heavy 1 nut brown ale.
now need to buy some sugar  

started the barley wine
and its working ok  

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