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mumbles pier

well we decided to go for a spot of fishing yesterday. weather was nice, and we were going to combine it with visiting the of lunch on the pier, if you see where i am coming from.....

so we got there at 9, just as the gates were opening. set up the rig, only a simple one, weight on the bottom and hook about 2 feet off the bottom. we were using lugs and sand eels for bait.

cast out, sitting waiting and watching..........rod tip just jiggling a little.......hhhhmmmm  darn crabs i thought. left it a little longer, then decided to check my was a little heavier than it should be when i was reeling in, so thought i had seaweed on the hook..............oh how wrong was i.............there was a beautiful starfish on it !!!! it was bigger than both my hands together.........luckily it had only just snagged it, so back it went unharmed.

10am, we were infested boys. thier teacher had decided to take them all fishing. he gave them about 30 minutes  tuition, then left them to it. he bu**ered off to the end of the pier out of sight and noise of the kids.
poor kids didnt know what the hell they were doing. the teacher was left handed so set all their reels for a left handed person and ofcourse, most of them were right handed....and about half of them were squeemish about baiting their hooks.
sooooo, who was the one to help  
they listened to what i was telling them, but i still had to bait for prob really.

hubby also listened to the kids, and what they were saying was thier teacher basically left them to it, which any fool could see anyway, so off he went to have words in the teachers shell like. ( hubby is an education inspector....lolol albeit he is on sick leave, but never-the-less   )
said teacher went bright red, and told him he was bringing them back today, and would take better notice of them. teacher then continued to fish away from the kids.

ok the kids were around 13/14 years old, but you still have to keep an eye on them.

well once kids were sorted, i went back to fishing, and caught several red gurnards, so did alun. all went back, much too small to eat.
going again next week, having a try at mackeral, they are out there at the moment.

Like it! Like it! Left handers eh ? What can you do with em ? Make em play cricket.

to be honest bodger, i quite enjoyed showing the kids what to do.........and they seemed impressed that a ' woman' could fish.  

left handers? cackhanders more like............  

Keggie handers.

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