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Mum said I was getting a new.....

rug.......I never expected  
I am playing games with Ripper (8 months) right now, and some of these involve desensitisation, these are great games that bring horses up to be soooo laid back about things. This thing with the tarp took about 15 minutes from him sniffing it, to having it across his back. Although I took the pics today, I worked with him on this a couple of weeks ago, and now we are at the stage when I can whirl it around in the air, flap it up and down, and pull it through his back legs to his front and around etc. He just heaves sighs and thinks it's all a bit silly, but he likes his carrot afterwards!!

So, what do you want....I have to sniff this old thing!!

Ok, I can do the walking over it....easy peasy. said a new rug...not a smelly old tarp.

Does my bum look big in this?

Well done -- it looks as though he is going to be bomb proof
Does he have a quiet temperament to start with? I can just imagine what Doodle's Arab x Welsh would think of that

Hi Kaz,

He is a fairly laid back boy, but if you start at this age, they just take it all in their stride. I am also doing this with Parker who is 9 years, he is an quarter horse/arab cross, he is more of a mind to worry about it, but it is good for them at any age, I can do the tarp thing with Parkernnow, he was trained to cows, so he is also used to ropes whistling about his head etc. I just love training brings out such curiosity in horses.

Brilliant pics, he looks so laid back and chilled by it all. And he only looks like a baby as well, what a fantastic start to his career


hes sweet!!

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