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multi fuel stove fitting

I have just bought a second hand morso dove. On the back it has 4 tappings from the boiler  2@ 28mm iam thinking for the hot water and 2@22mm for the heating. My intention is to install a second stand alone heating/hot water system so I have an extra hot tap at the bath and sink and 3 rads running upstairs.
 I know you can get these stoves plumbed into the none vented ch system but its pricey and funds wont allow.
So after that long introduction my questions are will the rads get hot enough and the water circulate without need of a ch pump? Would you think I would need to put a heat sink rad across the flow and return of the hot water side to help prevent back boiling into the header tank.And finaly for now. If I wanted to run only the hot water and a heat sink rad could I use only 2 of the tappings and blank off the 2 remaining...................................Thank you in advance Magnet


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