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Muesli Bars

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It has taken me six months to finally try out the Breakfast Muesli Bar recipe from Carl Legge.

I already make Muesli, Granola and Oat Bars but what intrigued me about Carl's recipe was that he uses eggs to bind the mix.

I will admit right now that I took liberties with his recipe but, as Carl himself says,

"Essentially you have 400g oats plus 500g of nuts/seeds/fruit. So you can make up your own favourite mix."

I chose to leave out the optional Chocolate for my first attempt.
I did hover with some Honey but the whole point of this recipe is that the eggs replace the usual bindings, so I left it out.

The Bars are not sweet enough for my tooth but Steve likes them.

"Should I have added chocolate? Honey?"
"No" was the answer.
He's much healthier than I am!

The texture reminds me a little of the Bread Pudding my Nan used to make, which is probably why I miss the sweetness.

I plan to make more. It is something I would make anyway and has the added bonus of utilising our eggs. Thanks Carl!

There will be plain for himself, and some with added chocolate for me, so I can pretend that I am being healthy

I like the look of those, will give them a try (minus the chocolate as i have given it up for Lent)


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