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Moving a Victoria Plum tree

I need to move my victoria plum tree to make way for new stables in the spring and need some advice. It was planted 6 yrs ago and stands about 10 foot high.

So, is now a good time to move it or do i wait for the leaves to drop or spring to start again or just forget it, chop it down when the stable floors are being layed?

All advice greatfully received.

Dave C

I would have a go, you have nothing to loose.

But wait until the tree is dorment in the winter.

Ditto what Dave has just said. Leave the move until the grips of winter. You'll be quite lucky if it survives the upheaval. Its going to take some major excavations to get it out intact and then some very good staking and copious watering in the spring.

As said ...cannot move any tree 10ft high....eeer! big problem.

Yes you could wait until early next year or even take the chance and move it late this year.
Plus the real cost of replacing it.....
Without specialist equipment, somehow I doubt you will be successful ,
there again no harm in at least trying.
Need to dig one heck of a way around it, what you see is only a third of what's under ground.....

Decisions ...Decisions.....

Best of Luck

hi claire it is not as big a job as you would think bearing in mind that the main  feeder roots are at the top about 3 foot diameter around the trunk the rest of the roots are mainly for anchoring .So if you dig a trench around the tree 2 foot from the trunk cut any roots you find then with a jcb type vehicle attach rope to trunk and just lift out trim all roots dig hole and just drop back in back fill with soil mixed with compost firm and stake job done


hope this helps  

Not disagreeing at all - as I know most plants/trees are moved/planted at the dormant stage unless pot grown.....but why are cherry trees,  plums etc pruned as the sap is rising in June or so rather than when they are dormant in the winter and would this have any reflection on when to move or plant one ?

hi Sandra  the reason for summer pruning Plum trees can be prone to silver leaf disease if pruned in winter, so cut them back in summer to encourage the development of bushy growth, which stops them becoming too large and unmanageable.    

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