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Mouse problem? You need one of these

I think I'd rather have the mice.  

I quite fancy a pet spider  
Rare one

I remember you saying that before Kaz, did you not have one as a lodger a few years ago ? You are welcome to them, they are the one thing that I really do not like. Give me the shivers just thinking about them.  

Rare One is a long time family friend and one evening many years ago, she was spending a pleasant evening with us, when an incident occurred which will never be forgotten.
Earlier in the night she made the mistake of telling us of her morbid fear of spiders. Our youngest son Rob, who was a about four years old at the time must have heard what she'd said. He disappeared for sometime, only to return and throw the contents of a small plastic box over our guest. The little charmer had only been around the house collecting as many spiders as he could find.  
The poor lady leapt a mile.      I know she has never forgotten it and we certainly haven't. Our Robs twenty seven now.  

We do get some hunking spiders in our house.

Naughty Rob    

Yes we saw that story   Our 3year old Grsndson whe here loves to catch spiders and put them in a jar also snails,cokeroaches, well anything he can really which we give to him to take home  

kaz wrote:
I quite fancy a pet spider  

Obviously Bodger does not have enough arms !

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