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Mountain Curs on the hunt

These pics will bring back some memories for my old mate Bodger. I'm sure if he lived over here, he'd be at my door to hunt every night.

My Mountain Cur ,Fudd after winning the NorthEast mountian cur hunt

A few coon hunting pics , if'n you like little dogs shaking rats you'll like little dogs shaking critters almost as big as they are.

My young neighbor boys love to go coon hunting w/ me ! They are leaning to handle the dogs and they do most of the shooting .


Excellent pictures mate , I'm hoping to make it over this year to meet up with K.C and his crew

if i ever come to usa im going to call in on you for definitely coming past for a visit you got some stunningcurs there mate  hunting with dogs is one of the best feelings and experiences in the world. looks like them curs had fun with that coon.

Those pictures bring back unforgettable memories Von

Looks like Fudd grew into quite a good dog.

I'd love to try coonhunting sometime.

I presume that you must have them around where you live Yvonne?

Von hadn't got the curs when I last visted him, just a bad case of the c***!
When he took me hunting, we had the coon hounds with us and the music that they made as they hunted in the dark all around us was superb.
Dave C

Strong looking dogs pal

Do you hunt squirrels as well as coons?


Grand looking dogs, and great sport!

Here's one that some of you newbies might not have caught up with yet.
Dave C

What a cracking post bodger

I spent a few years following hounds and loved it, i also get out with our bobbery pack with a few mates, hunting my Lurcher Terrier and my lab, along with my mates Lurchers, Terriers, spaniels, pointers and whatever but would love to go to the USA for some coon hunting.

Good on ya bodger for getting out there and doing it.


Great photo's  

Coon hunting is completely different to any hunting we have over here.

Good looking dogs.

Do curs naturally have bob tails or do you have them docked?

Most have natural bobs , the ones that come full tailed are docked soon after birth.Both of mine are naturals .

Great photos, we don't have anything here like those here we just use dogs on wild pig. That would be a  great time.

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