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Mountain Cur Hunt 2,110miles round trip (pics)

Got home last night after driving 19 straight hours from the State of Tennesee. My dog Fudd made me proud , he won the Grand Bench Champion Title which as high as he can go in conformation showing . Took 4th place in the coon hunt after a bad call by me , and second in the treeing contest. The thing that took the sting out of the bad call by me was I also won a Garmin GPS tracking collar valued at $600.


I'm pleased you managed to find the pictures mate. Well done Fudd.

  great stuff


Dave C

Nice one Pal

Thats a smart looking Cur.

Well done, I just love a dog that does what it is bred to do....and is kind on the eye as well.

bet your over the moon buddy great curs doing a great job keep it up old chap.

Less of the old Daddy ! The old git is the same age as I am!

thought you were collecting your pension soon mate? lol jk

Top result

....well done mate!!

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