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Mould in cells????

I am fairly new to bee keeping but have 3 hives and have been doing OK so far. I collected one cast swarm at the end of May and they have been nicely building up but I checked the hive this evening and some of the cells in the brood chamber look a sort of grey/green mouldy colour. Is this just a different colour pollen being stored or could it be something more sinister??
Any ideas anyone please?
all the best
Mouldywarp (no pun intended)

I'll get the Dave the bee man who keeps some of his hives at our place to have a look at this and see if he can come up with an answer.

Could be mouldy cells - but your more likely to see this in winter or early spring when there isnt much activity.
It could be pollen stored in cells.  pollen from different flowers is different colours....

Thanks for the replies, I suppose time will tell!! Taking your point it has not really been the weather for mould has it?
All the best

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