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MOT day...

Just picked the car up, passed first time lucky but been advised there will be some work done for next year, rear trailing arms apparently, 200 ish apparwntly but at least i have a yearto save.
One a plus i only did 5000 miles last year compared to 12000 3 years ago so saving money o fuel to lol.

Not familiar with your MOT....   If I may ask, what is it, and why do you have to have it done annually?

I'm sure someone with more technical knowledge Rena but here's my take on it:

The MOT is like an annual health check on your car (only cars over three years old have it) where they check the likes of brakes, lights, seatbelts and lots of other bits. It's the law that you have to have an MOT or your insurance is not valid BUT the MOT only confirms your car was roadworthy at the time of the test and does not imply it's roadworthiness in the year after the test or indeed anytime after you take it away from the MOT test centre after the test has been completed. I think it used to encourage people to keep their vehicles roadworthy (like a service where things are checked) but I don't feel it's a system that works these days as there are always those individuals who do not maintain their vehicles to a good standard, and of course those that drive without insurance. These types know that the court fine they will get if caught is often a signficantly lower amount than what it would cost to MOT and insure a vehicle for a year.
here you go Rena,
its pretty much as MrsWW said, its an annuel rqirement to have your car checked by a mechanic that has passed the government standard test and is qualified to certify tue car passes tue mechanical, structural and emmisions tests set out.
It covers loads of things ajd is designed to ensure thstvcars are reasonably well maintained and safe.
Without a valid mot then your insurance will be invalid and can be fined by tue police if caught driving it.
If your car fails it can be expensive to have it fixed, especially with some of the newer cars but its somethimg you have to do if youbwant to drive in the uk.

Wow. We don't have anything like that in our state. I know in California they have 'emissions' standard requirements, and mybe in Washington state too.

My car is 24 yrs old and is at 645,000 + miles and I make sure she's in the required running condition that keeps us "safe" (not sure that ever really exists ). However, there aren't any checks I *must* have done, legally speaking.

I will say that we have laws about what *has* to be working...but there isn't any real 'controlled check system' in place to ensure laws are followed. Like most other laws in our country lol.

If you were to get pulled over by a policeman here, and something wasn't working, we would get a "fix it" ticket. Once it's made right, the ticket is dismissed. If the officer thinks we're intentionally breaking the law, it is much worse.

That is very interesting~the fines being less than the cost of following the standard MOT rules. Our fines can be (and usually are), VERY painful on the pocketbook....*ouch* springs immediately to mind!

Here we have 'Warrent of Fittness' yearly for 5years them 6 monthly after that, same here as garages can do it plus there are places that do all heavy vehicles that do cars too. Cost about $45 for test $200 if don't have one each time you get pulled over. Our ute and car have both just got theirs; put 4 new winter (mud) tyres on ute   others were near treadlss, car passed but like Pilsbury's need work for next, 1tyre repaired rust painted over. Ute is 1990 car is 1983 Nissan/Datsun sunny

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