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Most Unlikely

It most unlikely but the thought of a return to the old Imperial weights and measures is a nice thought. It would certainly send our whizz kids into a spin.

IMO, we've been Metric for a long time and although I personally still think and work in feet and inches, at the end of the day, we've still got to trade and sell goods to the rest of the world.

I work in metric but I think in feet and inches! Still order a pound of bacon etc!

Now that we're going to be out of the EU, hopefully we'll be able to keep what we've got of the old Imperial measures.

I think mostly in metric but find that my allotment measurements often come out as imperial if not done with appropriate tools. Learnt to measure the  gardening by one uncle's stride and step dad's four inch hand and it's kind of stuck cos that's how I see things - imperial.

Would be fun to ask the family to do things imperial though I suspect the engineering grandson might just manage. The children sharp couldn't do old coinage I can tell you when we cleared the in-laws' place despite having lived through the changeover.

In the kitchen I have dual weights for the swing balance scale but a lot of recipes come with cup and spoon measurements and I have those too.

I hate to go back to the old ways frankly. Metric can be easier.

Metric is easier but i still think i wonder what that is imperial

Now listen carefully HERE we went metric sort of but just did a name change   1ft became 300mm   7ft became 2.1 so timber/building material plus most others are  still 8x4=2.4x1.2 etc so very easy to think both ways 1lb butter now is 400gms. gallon is 4.5 litres. Our three children grew up with metric at school and real measurments at home   so can use both. Money is the only one that changed for real.  10/- =$1

I swing both ways  

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