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morso wood burner

moving very soon theres a morso burner in the house never had a wood burner before are they good or what

Brilliant, apparently!

We've had an open fire for the last 6 years, & I've finally reached the stage where I'm sick to death of everything being covered in dust, so I ordered an Elveden 6.5Kw stove the other day.

Everyone with a woodburning stove I've spoken to so far has said they wished they put one in years ago............

Can't wait for ours to arrive!!!!!!!  

i carnt wait to move in now theres 5 open fires and the log burner

Of course they are Brilliant, they are Danish and made 30 clicks from where I live and Heta stoves are made 6 clicks from here also good stoves.

I have a Mørso and it has been the only form of heating we have had in the house for the last 16 years, until I installed a new system this last summer. Our house is about 450 sq feet and we had no problem heating it up with our Mørso.

Do you know what model Mørso you have?


Hoping to move house end of Feb

We just purchased a Morso for the Kitchen, only ever heard good things about them  

i think its the bigest squirrel they do .do you ever use one of those ecofans

I'd quite like to hear if anyone uses an ecofan too............I've heard they can make quite a difference when it comes to distributing the heat throughout the house?

been to see a ecofan in action today they realy move the warm air about so ive one on order .theres some cheaper types about but not as good

Solid fuels stoves are great!  We had one for years on our narrowboat and loved the warmth it produced.  When loved it so much that, when we were planning our barn conversion 19 years ago, we included two large stoves (one in the sitting room and one in the drawing room).  We very quickly converted them from multi-fuel to wood burner and we have never looked back!  They are quite economical for their size (12kw) and the wood burns away to just a small amount of ash so they don't need to be emptied very often (no more than once a week, even if used every day) - certainly nowhere near as often as when they we multi-fueled.

Also, Morso Squirrel stoves have been fitted to narrowboats in large numbers and I have heard nothing bad about them.

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