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More woolly thinking over refuse.

Is the proposed pay as you throw a way more likely to cause households to dispose of refuse responsibly or encourage an increase in fly tipping ?

I think I have an inkling as to the result of this move if the plan is put into action, or am I just being synical ?


Not cynical at all. we get people tipping in our woods cos the local tip is fussy.


we already have that problem as the council wanted to charge the trust for too many bags of rubbish...we went on to the trade rubbish scheme...

our tip is very good here and you can take most anything there to be dealt with however....when mr nanny took some roofing felt because he didn't want to burn it, he was charged 33 because it was for the deep landfill wonder there are so many junky farms and piles of rubbish lying around here...tucked in corners where you can't see it mostly but still needs to be got rid of

Do they check what you put in skips?
If not it would probably be cheaper to hire a skip occasionally to get rid of things like roofing felt.

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