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More Room

The pigs have demolished evey bit of vegetation in their pen apart from a few Elderberry bushes.
I thought I had better give them a bit more to go at.  
I spent most of yesterday getting an extention to their existing domain ready for them.
Today they have been let loose in there and they have already cleared a few patches.
Wonder how long the greenery will last, they have 6 to 8 weeks to go.
Before I started.

Work in progress.

Pigs at work.


Grand looking pigs

I reckon there's a business in the garden clearing trade for those

Seriously, why not ? Mobile electric fences, pigs who've grown up with them so trained to behave with them as limitations to their range….and they do a cracking job on the weeds, etc., and leave the ground good too. None of this compacted and screwed up drainage from heavy machinery, etc.,


Those are bonny looking pigs Malcolm. They look about right for the chop. [/b]
Dave C

Yes they look very tasty  

Was there not something on countryfile once about a lady that hired out her goats for clearing rough areas of land  

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