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chicken feed

more photos

this is some of the litter born 3rd jan helping clear the pen out !!

this little lot were born last week out of our old girl born 2008 still producing nice litters this was a litter 0f 13 but 3 were SB she has managed to keep 10 !!.

this last photo is for Bodger its of the set up we have adopted for the first couple of weeks to lessen the loss of piglets. the pen is cut in two by a hurdle and gate then the other straight walls have the corners cut by two more hurdles. this method gives piglets a escape route all around the sow. so far 100% survival rate.

The sow got its nose under the sheep hurdle last week and hoiked it off the wall. I need to use stronger brackets when I refix it.

Interesting piccies. Ours all farrow in arks outside and so have no heat lamps or creep areas. We did have a farrowing rail in one of the arks but took it out as it made no difference without a heat source to tempt the piglets away from the sow. We do lose a couple of piglets to squashing but ours have large litters and on average we wean twelve piglets per litter. Our last two farrowings have not lost any despite being born in the cold of january. First time we haven't lost a single one which is very pleasing.

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