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More photos... hope you don't mind!

Here are a few photos of our area.

This first is of a honeybee visiting one of our pear trees in 2013. I hadn't seen any for quite a while until this little fella showed up!

Not sure if I have posted this one already or not. (My apologies, if so). This is my all-time favorite below zero sunrise photo. It is just southeast of our new farm. The coolest part was I only had to step of the deck a walk a short way to get it. It captures the beauty of our mornings quite well.

This is from last summer (2014) at the Collier State Park. My grandson was with us and being very cute.

We almost caught the whole rainbow. Also taken from our road, looking northeasterly. It was amazing. The clouds were literally flying by, while the rainbow just 'sat' there.

Love the photos !!!! and really enjoy seeing a different part of the world. I remember seeing the photo of your young grandson on Facebook - love it , so cute !!

Cracking pics Rena!  

thanks for sharing

Fantastic photos and love that sunrise,looks so crisp and clean looking   The young fella looks  great know he is a lot of fun  

Why should we mind your Pics, Rena..We have waited long enough

Great pics, now you know how...a lot more are expected....    

Thank you Rena, just beautiful, especially the early morning one.
Yorkshire Geordie

Thanks, Rena.
Cool photos    I bet you're glad you learnt how to put them up.
Keep them coming - you've got some catching up to do.

  lovely photos

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