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Morag was born 8 June 2013 and went to Holland as a pup to join Iain Barnes at Clyde Valley Springers.  Morag comes from health tested parents so she is hereditary clear for the three problems in Springers that a DNA test is available for (PRA Cord 1, Fuco and PFK).  Iain has trained her and also continued with health testing - she got a clear eye certificate earlier this year and her hips are HD A.  In September she got her hunting certificate and Iain has entered her in this season's novice field trials.  The contests ended on December 15 and the new holder of the Dashhill Bokaal 2014 - 15 is Sgurr Fuar Tholl , Morag owned and handled by Iain.


Well done Morag!  

You must be justifiably proud.

 Well done all round


  well done

Congratulations to Morag and you  

As all above    

Thank you for your comments everyone - I am very proud of Morag and Iain.  I only have two dogs in Holland, Megan & Morag and both of them have won this cup for the Novice Field Trial Champion, Sgurr na Feartaig (Megan) 2013-14 and now Morag 14-15.
Dave C

Well done pal  

And a nice looking bitch as well

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