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This is Morag at 11 weeks old: (all pics taken by her owner Iain)

she has a challenge

and success!

very nice


Spot on.

top dog there thanks love the photos

Thank you for your kind comments.  When Iain told me Morag had retrieved a rabbit I thought that he had made her a puppy dummy with a rabbit skin and just called it a 'rabbit' so it was a real surprise when he sent me the pics.  

I'm always curious as to how different people have different approaches to training Springers.  Iain had Morag in his rabbit pen at nine weeks but another pup I bred, Ria who is with Tony, was only introduced to rabbits at about 10 months when 'she had some brakes'.  Also Tony has kept her on very light retrieves until this spring - she is now a year old - as he didn't want to give her what he calls 'water fowler jaw' which he says is a too tight grip developed by carrying heavy retrieves at too early an age.  I find Iain and Tony are at opposite ends of the spectrum though they are both training with field trialling as the target - they have both trialled other dogs so I'll wait and see who is the more successful in the  next year or so.

That looks very good for 11 weeks

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