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Dave C

Mooch about for some Pheasants (but they had all gone)

Well had another look out for some Pheasants on the same land as 2 weeks ago but they had all gone, i was out on a small farm mid week and had the same trouble, looks like i am going to have to invest in some Feeders to try to hold some birds on my land.
Here is some pics anyway.

The day started with a cracking frost.

Fern pushed another Fox out of the reeds, we will have to sort a morning for him.

Looks like she has been docked her tail is wagging so fast

Well Fern still worked well and pushed a few rabbits out instead

Not the day i was hopeing for but thats the sport of it and there is always next week.


Beautiful country and nice rabbit.  Sure do like your shotgun too.

That's a lovely bit of land there Dave.

Agree great place   and a great dog (Fern)

You can make a feeder from a lidded plastic bucket, fix three wooden legs on  - cost's nothing. Then a spring feeder will cost a couple of pounds and you're away.

I'm assuming that these are wild birds and not someone's reared stock that have wandered across their boundary? If they are reared birds then they have probably been dogged back in and you shouldn't feed them, it's not cricket to lure other people's birds on to your land - we're having a real problem with it on one shoot at the moment, the culprits have been spotted once and the trap has been laid, words will be had  

Great pics  

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