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Money back on bottles.

I've just dropped my youngest son Robert off at the local cricket club. He's off on a four day cricket tour of Sussex. Anyway, thats the only possible excuse I have for my admission to listening to the ginger whinger on Radio 2 this morning. I was only listening while Robs mini bus arrived. Honest !  
There was an interesting piece on it that caught my attention though. Some society or other for the preservation of rural England was suggesting that returnable deposits for plastic and glass bottles be reintroduced. The old ideas are the best as they say and I think its a good one. Bottles would suddenly become a valuable commodity instead of being the present scourge that they are today. I think its a cracking idea, lots of pocket money for kids and lots of tyding up done. Why doesn't the government implement it ?  

As a kid, I remember collecting glass Tizer and Corona bottles and getting a few pence back on them. Those pennys were 'd's rather than'p's of course.

We all used to do that as kids with the added bonus of when the shop was shut on a Sunday we'd have over back gate into yard and take a few Doz. Bottles. Cash them in at the other shop down the road.
Did the same with beer bottles. 1d. for halves, 2d. for pints and quarts.

Yep, used to take the fizzy pop bottles down t'pub and exchange them for hard cash! Saturdays would find us trawling hedge bottoms and things to find bottles!   How disgraceful! I don't think I could see my son going out and doing that....mind you, the promise of cash would probably change his mind!  

When I lived in France in the early 90s there was a small (20 centime?) deposit on some wine bottles.  The deposit bottles had five stars embossed around the neck.  It would be a shame if they didn't still do that.  And yes, they should bring it back here.  I too collected bottles for old pennies!

This was also discussed on th J.Vine show at some lenght yesteday lunch.
As Bazzer mentioned I too remember collecting bottles, going from one pub to another, climbing walls to retrive them...paid for us to go to the saturday matinee..
Believe it was mentioned on the program in Germany you buy a dozen bottles of whatever, in a crate and must return the crate full to purchase your next lot.
Some years back Alcan Aluminium, had a sceme where you took in old beer cans,pop cans ect, for a penny a piece. Remember seeing many a person with supermarket trollies full, loaded up with black bags full ect.
Yeah why not bring it back, certainly can't make things any the worse and may just help improve things.
Just feel it would need to be a decent deposit on each bottle, simply because the kids today seem to not care about pennies, say that simply because of the amoumt of disguarded coins I notice, especially during term time, outside local sweet/tuck shops...



I remember going to football matchs armed with a hessian sack to collect the empty beer bottles in, also being a delivery boy for Lipton the grocers , and getting empty's for tips.
Grandma Bodger

I suppose if you were able toget coppers on bottles etc it would be put on the product in the first place, I can remember taking jam jars back to the co op[ and being embarassed when someone shouted out'' she's been round the cemetry never again

        ...only you Grandma Bodger...     ....only you

We had a warehouse nearby that gave us a few bob for a sack of old woolen things. Many's the time we've nearly been caught pinching off washing lines.
matt the rat

It seems like a good idea to me.

It's one of lifes 'quirks' that everyone is now 'into' recycling, when 'salvage' has been going on for years.

I've often wondered who came up with the idea that smashing glass bottles and melting them down is better than just washing them out and reusing them?

As a child, I remember well that we could make a few quid collecting newspapers to be sold at 2p a time to the chippie, and pop bottles for the deposit.

Yup. It must take a lot of energy to first of all collect and transport recycled bottles and then, even more to melt them down and reuse them. The benefits to the environment must be quite marginal.

Point being Bodger, if compantyA is delivering a load...picking up the return to base ...surely this is better than the wagon going back empty...?...

I live in a country where there is still a deposit on most pop, wine and beer bottles.
Denmark has not in the past sold cans of drink, but in the last couple of years cans are begining to fill the supermarket shelves these also have a deposit.

As most of you will know Denmark is one of the most expensive country's in the world to live with tax on everything. So what do a lot of Danes do they drive down to Germany and full up their cars and trailers with Danish beer, which is much cheaper and import it again.  

The Germans do not have any deposit on any of there beer cans, I normally fetch a pallet of beer (2595 cans)  when we are down there, dog food is half price as well so we stock up on that aswell.

Now to the point of this post I don't pay a deposit on my beer cans, but the emptys do bring me in a few quid.

The price of aluminium is raising and at present prices is worth about 76p a kilo.

60 cans to a kilo (depending on how much sand I fill in them ) so I knocked up an air operated crusher, so what would have been thrown away some years ago, now brings in a few quid.

The crushed cans are put in a rammer pallet and taken to the scrapie when the alley price is high.

There is about 75-80kg in the pallet at the moment, I am in no rush to cash them in as ally prices are still raising.

I reckon my method beats throwing them on the roadside like some people seem to do.  

 60 cans per kilo    80 kilo of crushed cans     pallets of beer

The word "Allycolic" springs to mind  

Love the Air ram crusher beats my hand operated one ( thats broken) anyday

Here in Canada we get 5 cents on empty's. Just take them back to the beer store (supermarkets are not allowed to saell alchohol here) the beer store also take wine bottle from tjhe LCBO (wine store...lo...takes a little bit of getting used to)

Slipster wrote:
 60 cans per kilo    80 kilo of crushed cans     pallets of beer

The word "Allycolic" springs to mind  

Love the Air ram crusher beats my hand operated one ( thats broken) anyday

Hi Slip,

I think the hang for ally goes back to my childhood , when I collected anything shiny, and they called me in Jackdaw.

Then my biking days came, again shiny chrome, but then they called me something else.

As for pallets of beer this is how I buy beer in.

I drive 500km to buy a pallet of Danish beer in Germany, after paying for the cost of the diesel, it's still cheaper there, than buying the same amount in Danmark.  

I still enjoy a good pis....up,    I mean party.  

As you can see I have a good loader.

Love it....... and i use a shopping trolley...... i now consider myself a true lightweight in the drinking world.

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