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Momentos ?

Last weekend saw us make a sad but at the same time interesting start on clearing Grandma Bodgers house.
We returned home with a number of momentos  from my mums which hold special memories of both my mum and dad.

Here are three that I hope folks will find of interest.

First of all, an old wartime book of my mums on wine making. During the war, paper was short and presumably rationed, hence the stamp on  the inside of the book.

Next we have two Victorian ceramic tiles. I'm not sure where the blue one came from but the other came from my Grandma and Grandads home at 22 Church Street in Streford.
The street was made up of lovely red brick terraced houses with 'backs' like the ones that you see in Coronation Street.
My mum recounted how during The Second World War a mobile Ack Ack gun went up and down the alley way at the back of the houses and that as kids, they used to collect pieces of shrapnel.
Church Street was demolished in the late 50's, early 60's to make way for what is now The Arndale Shopping Centre and the green tiles surrounding the fireplace were taken and distributed amongst the family. This one is the one that my mum was given.

Last, we have this last.  A cobblers last and it has special meaning to me.

We've had three generations of cricketers in our family. My dad was the first, then there was my brother and myself, followed by youngest son.
My dad was a good club cricketer and when I was a kid, during the season, he would sit on the conservatory step using the last to help him knock studs into the leather soles of his cricket boots.
Fond memories of long ago. The modern cricketer wouldn't have a clue about such things.

Nice ones ,  i have two lasts in the house .and a box of mixed segs.

I could have done with one the other week, when the sole of my boot came off!

We've already tried using it as a doorstop, which sounded like a good idea until we realised that it was probably going to cripple someone. I'm still trying to think of a useful use for it and if anyone suggests mending shoes, then all I can say is "Cobblers" to you!  

We have 2 one we got that is painted red
Use for a door stop ,put thin side along door and around end then harder to trip over  

I use mine as a doorstop  

How are your shins coping Trish ?

Mine are somewhere in the shed. Bet that's where yours end up!

Lovely to see
I wonder if the old book has been re-printed ?
I bet there'd be a fair bit of interest in it if it were.

Those tiles were never cheap ones, and they do frame nicely. Write the history on the back of them in pencil so that they keep their provenance without any damage.

The last is a good thing I have seen one mounted on a block of wood and used as a boot scraper/jack at the back door. It was held down with two big staple like metal straps.


Iv'e got one of my Mum's old baking books. Jean still uses it.  
I use a small oil stone (size of a credit card) that was my Dad's.
He was a market gardener and kept his pocket knives, secateurs, etc. sharp.
I use it for exactly the same.
I still use the stainless trowels, "Rolcut" secateurs and spades that came from the market garden when he sold up.
I can't abide waste or throwing things away. ( I have been called a tight git   )

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