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Mole Catching Revisited?

As some of you may now know, Karen and myself are going to be moving from our home of some 28 years, at the end of this summer. Some of you, if you think back quite a long time, will also recall that while our kids were growing up I ran a small scale pest control business.
Being a pesty fitted in very well with me looking after the kids while Karen worked full time and although I found the work mostly enjoyable and quite rewarding, at my tender age I certainly wouldn't consider going back to doing the job full time again. BUT I am considering going back into mole catching.
When I did it previously, the use of strychnine was still legal and I used to do quite a bit of that sort of work for farmers. Thank goodness that's now a thing of the past. 'Orrible Stuff it was! ' When we move, I'm seriously thinking of dusting off my traps and my mole pole, because not only could a spot of mole catching produce me a bit of pocket money but it could also get me known in the area and possibly give me a few introductions. When I was trapping moles, I got loads of hunting permission from the farmers that I was doing work for. Not much money but loads of rabbiting and on a few occasions, some fishing.
It's definitely something I'm giving some consideration to. I'd only have to buy a few replacement traps and perhaps some Vista Print business cards and I'd be set up and ready to go. The outlay would be quite minimal and of course, the best money would almost certainly come from folks with moles in their gardens rather than the farmers.
And another bonus of such a move, could be  that being known as the Mole Man might be a fair swop for my current title of the Pig Man, as I'm sure I'm currently called locally. Nothing to do with own personal hygiene of course. I'm all for a bit of social climbing.

There certainly seems to be an awful lot of moles about.

Take a look at their cards are so much nicer than Vistaprint and they have plenty of offers, making them cheaper at times.

Thanks Sandrar I will

Good idea , but keep to the gardens etc.  i have nearly finished all my farm moles now.  What a PAIN there are, only a short window here before the grass grows and they all phone about the same time

Hi Bri. Yes, I'm thinking gardens.

I used to do thousands of acres with Strychnine, it was a doddle but I used to have quite a few sleepless nights thinking about what might have been or could have been.
I covered masses of ground very quickly at a pittance per acre. I'd hate to even think about trapping on such a big scale.  

i used to use the white ghost powder too. As you say easy to to use and worked 100% BUT go wrong ONCE thats YOU GONE TOO lol

I was glad in a way it got taken away, plus it got rediculus the paperwork you had to complette to get it, order more than you wanted because they would always know your weight down

The other one that I use to get from farmers was " Could you leave me a little bit?" or thinking back a bit, that might have been the farmers wives.

No. I wouldn't like to do it again. Catch your thumb in a trap and it's a bit sore, make a mistake with strychnine and it's curtains. I used to use artery forceps to put the worms into the runs and although when I finished doing the business for good, I washed them, I still buried them under concrete.

There was one old josser who did it locally and he used to dig into the tunnel through the mole hill to deposit the poisoned worm and of course, when the mole was digging out, quite often up would come the worm to the surface for anything to get hold of.

Well I think that I might have re-found it ! My mole catching Mojo that is. It's taken me long enough but I've just caught this one in the orchard. I definitely need to brush up a little on my skills  if I'm going to start up catching moles again, otherwise I'll be moving promptly into the red.


It's great to have these old skills , I used to do a bit 30 years ago, I remember the old guy who taught me ,,he used to smoke all the time , I was convinced that he would "keel " over one day , fortunately he never did !!  He always used to  say to me "Stop worrying laddie as long as I keep spitting i'll be fine !"

All the best with your new venture .

I know exactly what he meant about the spitting. It's a habit that I got when I was poisoning the moles. It still makes me shudder just thinking about it.
Dave C

Looks like your well on your way

Will you be getting paid per mole  

Good luck mate  

I've still got a few moles knocking about the place but they're not playing the game. I've set three traps again this afternoon and fingers crossed doesn't appear to be working.

I'm definitely getting back into the groove. This morning I managed to trap the mole that's been sticking his head up inside my poly tunnel but I've still probably got at least a couple more to account for over in the far fields.

I've caught another mole in the far field this afternoon, I've been after him for a couple of days. When I checked the trap a couple of hours ago, it had filled it with soil, so I reset it.   He or she is only a diddly one, so I'd imagine that it was a young one. It was till making a heck of a mess though.

I've still got at least a couple more to account for.

Another one of the little sods has started chucking up soil in the orchard. Another job for me to do tomorrow.

Can't post this often enough...


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