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Homemade Lamb Dhansak curry tonight    

It's a change to have something that is not Christmas related (although the leftover veg soup continues to be a hit)

The 'kids' pretty much cleared us out of sweets, chocolates, crisps, cake etc this year whereas other years I have had to send them away with piles of the stuff - did I get the amounts right this year or were they greedier than usual?

I must admit to missing having snacks and sweet stuff around though  
At least it will help to get rid of the extra pounds that have crept back on.

Hmm we are having Chilli with some of he leftover beef from new year

There's a recurring theme here   I'm using up the last of the veggies in the salad drawers and making veggie curry tonight.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but we were awash with home baking. I baked, Fiona baked the most glorious gluten free (uses ground almonds) mandarin cake with Green and Black's chocolate, Jamie made a huge dumpling, and that was before the chocolates and biscuit tins appeared.

I want simple, plain food, again    I want oatcakes and baked spuds and soup and bread.

We really are spoiled, aren't we ?


After the family had all gone the same thing came to us we just felt like greens and plain meat and have been having them each day  

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