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Mmmmm? Maybe I should have told her by now ?

Mmmmm? Maybe I should have told her by now ?

My wife and I are off on our travels on Monday. We'll be visiting some of our grown up kids and we're ever so grateful to our daughter whose volunteered to  stay at our place to look after things. Thank you Frances. Thanks to her, we'll be having two days in Brecon, two in Ludlow and then finally two days in Wynchcombe, Gloucestershire.
Maybe, just maybe, its about time that I informed her that while we're away, the eggs that I currently have in the incubator, which I have in the kitchen ( where else should it be ? ) are due to hatch. And that after the chicks have turned nice and fluffy, all she's got to do is pick them up one by one and put them in the electric brooder out in the barn.
Oh yes ! and also remember to feed and water them three or four times a day.
I know my daughter really well and I'm sure that she'll be absolutely ecstatic when she learns of this exciting news.

Sounds just as committed as my daughter  

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