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Mk2 Airsporter refurb (Many thanks to Bodger!)

Hi all

Bodger saw that I was in to old airguns and very generously gave me his old Mk2 BSA Airsporter free of charge  

The date prefix is GD, this means it was produced between 1959 and 1965.

The rifle in a lovely old thing that shoots surprisingly well!, it has a strange one piece unadjustable rear iron sight that i've never seen before on any of the old Beesas that i've handled! (and that's quite a few!!)..

Here's some before and after pics, I refinished the stock but I simply de-rusted the action, i'm going to give both a little more attention shortly..

After a bit of tlc..

It's the matt one, no oil applied yet..

After 7 or 8 coats of boiled Linseed oil hand rubbed in..

I'd like to a big thanks to Bodger for this fantastic old BSA ('Sporters are my favourite old Birmingham guns)

I've enjoyed every minute if bringing this beautiful old girl back up to form though the rubbing has set my Arthritis off again  

Cheers, John  

Its a credit to you John.

Nice job there John.

You made a nice job of that one , well done.

John the sight isn't an original one. When I bought it, it had a hinged sight but I managed to lose it. A gun smith supplied a non standard replacement.

Nicely done sir!

I can't believe that you have done it so quickly

kaz wrote:
I can't believe that you have done it so quickly

I shocked myself too Kaz!!

Thanks everyone  


Nice rifle, rear sight looks like a beefier version of the one on my BSA Cadet of a similar vintage.

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