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mixed colours

Due to the lack of rain, a lot of the flowers and shrubs seem to have had a very short flowering period. here are some pics of the few that have flowered.

I think this is my favourite piece of garden. ferns and wild strawberries, not that you can see the strawberries in the pic.


 Lovely, looks nice and tranquil there with the ferns.

I do love ferns, it would be my favourite place too.

I've also found the flowers aren't lasting as long, normally the border is always in colour, gradually changing from one colour to the next through the season, this year there are many gaps .....just as well I like green

We love the ferns too so that looks great.

Ferns remind me of my childhood growing up in the English countryside, playing hide and seek in the forests and woods were ferns covered the floor.

Then, I seem to remember ferns came in handy in my misspent youth, lying there at night watching the "stars"..........but we won't go there.    

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