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Mix concrete

Without a concrete mixer..

I am re-concreting the stables yard, and plan to do a little at a time.. I have bought the bags of cement.. and the sand/ballast/gravel is already mixed..

the only problem I have is finding the correct mixing quantities..

Searching the net gives me huge quantities for mixing machines.. or smaller quantities for a 3 way mix, but nothing for a simple cement/ballast mix...

some give a 9:1 ratio  others as low as 5:1 ..

If anyone here has been as daft as me to to this by hand.. I would appreciate some advice  

You really do need to borrow or hire a mixer. Its hard enough work with one. Without one it will be murderous and if you've never done it, you may not mix it well enough.
I bought a second hand electric mixer one for just 40.00 last week, so they are cheap enough.
PS. I usually mix five or six to one

Thanks Bodger,, its what I thought really,

I did ask around about hiring one.. not expensive.. around 5 per day.. but I would take weeks (around other chores and 12 dogs) so the final hire cost would be horrific..

Off to scan the local free ads.. and freeshare  

Wow.. can you believe, I put a 'wanted' request in freeshare for a mixer.. or loan of, over the summer and have had 3 people offering..

I know,, over excited lol.. I am a sad person really  
green man

kayc It is not good to mix concrete a bit at a time as this will create a weak surface- how large is the area you have to do?  make sure it is laid at least 4" thick on a firm none shrinking base shutter the edges using a level make sure they fall in the right direction to give good drainage and make for ease of hosing down/ sweeping if there is the likely hood of heavy traffic on it then you must make it deeper say 6" with reinforcing mesh bar halfway up it's depth, one of those big builders bags of aggregate  the big square ones needs 10 bags of cement to make a 6 to 1 mix 1/2 a bag cement to 18 shovels of aggregate in the mixer your builders merchant will be able to tell you what fraction of a square metre each bag is expected to make and you can work how much you need to do the whole job, get some help and a long straight edge one that goes from one shutter edge to the other plus 18inches or so and tamp and saw back and forth riding on the shutter board edge for a good finish don't mix it too wet or dry if you need more "fat" in the mix add a little sand, trowel the edges trowel width for a tidy job. Aim to do it all in one day. good preparation is the key to success. do not contaminate the site with diesel salt or any other chemicals as this may ruin your floor if you can put a polythene damp proof membrane under it all the better.

thank you so much for this advice..

I have a concrete yard which is roughly 34sq ft.. .. it is cobbled underneath the concrete already there, and has just about broken down completely.. also.. it runs away from the two drain at either end

I will try to get some photos... but the layout is .. one pigsty attached to an old stable building built from old railway sleepers, attached to another pigsty.. I use this for the dogs day run.. so of course they piddle and poo in there,..easy to lift poo.. but when pressure washing each morning.. the water drains onto the edge of the paddock,

the two pigsty have a drain each, at the top end of the concrete, so plan is.. to raise the concrete base by 5/6inches at one end to run back to the drain site, with a level of 4 inches.. so the slope will be around 1.5inches over a 16ft width..

OR.. lf that is not completely feasable.. I have a nice little man who said he will dig out a 'soakaway' for me.. ...

I have all the 'ingredients' here.. I spoke to a very helpful man at the building centre, and he worked out my quantities , and they match yours, so at least I have those correct lol..

I have a super farmer next door who has built my kennel runs and put up my fencing etc.. but he has done so much , without anythning in return, I darent ask him for any help.. (everything he has done has been offered, I havent asked) but feel I can only take so much.. I dont have anything to offer in return (although I did help him with his fleece rolling at shearing time last year)

there will be no heavy traffic, it is solely used as a dog run

Many many thanks for this..  

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