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Miss SugarNSpice hybrid layers

Well..... after a couple or three years messing about I think I am pretty pleased with my efforts in producing what I have named my Miss SugarNSpice layers.

They are lovely looking girls, very bright alert and active and good layers.  They are bred to lay a range of egg colours, from pale blue, through blues, turquoise, bluey green, greeny blue, olive, khaki, and light brown.  It looks as though there will even be some speckled colours in there also  

A few of these girls should add a premium price to a box of standard coloured eggs, and I have had very good feedback about the shell quality and internal egg qualities.

So I have made a little website and this is it

Thanks for looking...... as they say  

Love the sugared almonds analogy!

Brilliant...I love the whole concept. The name is inspiring, as always your birds look wonderful, website is friendly and professional looking, you've got to be onto a winner.


I saw the birds the other week and they are super. The website is rather  superb too.    

Waah!! I wish I lived close enough to buy a few birds from you, I love the whole concept!!

Thanks all - I must admit I am pretty pleased with them.  

Another young one came into lay and it was a slatey blue egg with white freckles, it almost looked like it was made of marble.  

Unfortunately it must have taken her by surpise and she laid it in the poo, otherwise I would have put up a photo  

You could have wiped the poo off it you know.

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