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Miserable Depressing News.

Todays news on the job front has been pretty grim but not unexpected. Hundreds of thousands of jobs in the Public sector are expected to disappear over the next few years. We are heading for a national disaster and there's no way of avoiding it. We are about to pay for the rank bad house keeping and greed. There isn't going to be many households unaffected in the next few years by job losses and service cuts.
Its gone on for two years already and although many people been adversley affected by the cuts, unfortunately this is just the start of the tsunami.
What can we do? Unfortunately,it very much depends upon the situation you find yourselves in. I don't think that there can be many famillies who haven't already made cut backs, but there's going to have to be more made. We can grow a lot of our own food, but we need to be realistic and its obvious, that doing so isn't going to make much of a difference to the majority of people.
I can't see any optimism in the situations that faces us, the only sector thats going to boom is crime. I wish the best of luck everyone, try and look out for you and your own, whilst trying to help as many others as posible. Its not easy but some how, we've got to look after each other and stick together.
I found todays confirmation of what we all knew was coming very depressing. There can be few people who in the past  have experienced whats going to befall us. God help us all.
Big Phil

Four weeks into my new job and I'm earning what I was earning over ten years ago. Petrol is around £5 a gallon (or more) and its costs me a lot just to get to work.
SWMBO cant get a job that fits in child care. We were forced to sell the house for a loss, sold the big car (SWMBO has to travel illegaly sat on the floor behind the front seats if we go anywhere together) and buy the budget own brands and foreign meat.I dont fish or shoot anymore, sold the motorbike and buy kids clothes from charity shops.
I really cant see anything else we can cut back on!

For the first time ever Phil, I almost feel thankful that I'm clogging on a bit with a family thats all but independent from us. Its folks like yourself with young families that i really feel for. Having said that, all our kids are just starting out and their jobs could easily be gone tomorrow.
Its also a worry that in a few years time, if we need any sort of care in our dotage, its more than likely, that it wont be there.
The †Labour party was born out the need for social change, poverty and the need for a fair deal within society. How ironic that they've looked after the fat cats and now stand to be the reason behind the return of the workhouse, homelessness and abject poverty.

I've never been more glad that I live on an island, miles from anywhere.

I'm going down south this year, my first trip back since we moved here four years ago. I'm expecting it to be a bit of a culture shock.

...and yet still bankers are still giving themselves large are they managing to get away with it?

HSBC never went with begging bowl to the taxpayers and in reality are free to do what they like, also they were generally not affected by the meltdown thanks to the growth in Far East Finances (China).
They ones that we bailed out/part own need stuffing with the rough end of a pineapple or slapped about with a soggy kipper.
Talk about taking the pi££ but they argue that these obscene payouts are the only way to keep top people in top jobs.
So if you want to get rich quick, get a job where you can totally **** up, lose vast sums of money, be answerable to no one for it and then get a big pat on the back for being company tosser of the year.

I would expect to see the return of the reivers myself. I see no other way to live for many.

The news from Astra-Zenica is pretty grim too. †Some folks may think badly of "big pharma", but a lot of the nonsense talked is just that. †Over the years they have been one of the few "british" industries we could be proud of and they contribute a loty to the GDP. † The reduction in UK R&D as it transfers to China and India is the thin end of the wedge as soon AZ , GSK and what's left of the rest will not be british employers.

The days of Britain with a Great in it have really gone. We spent many year training the new young tigers in other parts of the world and they have now taken up the mantle. Which is only to be expected.

It's part of the normal cycle of history - China and Egypt were once great powers and went through the down cycle. China is now rising again.

We need to adjust to a new world with a different agenda. This is why it has been so sad to see the money poured in to keeping the status quo going - an economy supported by consumption not based on what we produce and make. We should have been investing in our own energy, farming and infrastructure to make us far more self sufficient. This would have given rise in turn to new skills and new job opportunities.

But there's not a will at the top to lead us down that sort of path - either that or the top is incapable of seeing new chances and grabbing them with both hands.

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