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Mink...........or otter?!

Found two big fish heads on the bank of the pond today-wondering what had eaten them? No sign of faeces or footprints. Fish were quite large and carp-I'm no fish expert but I reckon by what was left they would've been at least 12 inches (OH will be made as he's never hooked something that big out!!). I've been googling and no one can seem to agree-some say otters love the heads, other says otters leave the heads. We do have both otter and mink in the area and we have been struggling with a chicken predator too which I think is a stoat or a mink. Does anyone have any ideas? Personally I love otters although OH won't be pleased but equally hate mink! I think we will have to try and borrow a night vision camera to see.

Get yourself a catch alive mink trap. It'll catch the mink and be too small to catch your average sized otter.

Borrowed a night vision camera-see what that pics up!!

Will be waitting to hear how this goes

Looking forward to the pics...

LOL! Have fathomed out the camera-instructions not too clear! Set it to video-15 secs duration after movement sensor activated! First day had some great shots of me in the kitchen, walking up he field, attaching it to a tree, the dogs charging around.....but did get a nice shot of a pair of greylags tottering past!! Nothing exciting second or third nght so repositioning has given the odd rat.....I'll keep on and hopefully get something more useful....

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