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Mini shetland

Hi all, never kept a horse in all my life but after a few pints with  a local horse man almost bought a mini shetland for my niece. How much are they worth and how quiet are they? I have a friend who would break it for me.

how old is it what accomadation you got for it?  what you planning to do with  it filly or colt? who owned it before hand

look on dragon driving  can pick them up for 50 atm  depends what your willing to pay as to how much they are as there cheap as chips but for joe bloogs could be a fair few hundred quid

Have you got experience with horses even if you haven't owned one before?

I would have to say err on the side of caution. Buying from "a bloke in the pub after a few pints" could end up causing a whole lot of aggro and heartache especially for your niece.


I have a mini shetland kept here (belongs to someone else). She suffers badly from laminitis throughout the year and is a grumpy little sod. The only one of the three to kick or bite. I would only recommend a shetland if you've LOTS of time to keep it exercised and occupied.

I have spoken to the man today. He has sold the foal and its mother to a dealer. The man selling it wasn't a dealer he's kept horses all his life but old age has caught up with him. Sounds like i've had a lucky escape.

I was about to say that horses are expensive and time consuming nomatter what their size! Love lizzie

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