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Mine this time

out with my mate again on a bit of land doing cold game retrieves, big cock pheasant always testing for a wee spaniel plus a partridge and a hen bird to ease them in.  Besides the retrieving we did a few patches of rough to sharpen the stop,,my cocker is in desperate need of this, on flushes. My mates young ESS dog was a real live wire so we avoided and gamey zones with him, my ESS stopped great on a hare, and his ESS bitch was great on a couple of birds [as you'd expect from a dog running in trials] . now, my cocker well he flushed two and had me bounding off after him the bugger. the third was in a tigghter space rather than a big open field so yes he moved off the flush but not too far and i grabbed him and plonked him back in place. ahhh the joys of training, any runners needing some off road a spaniel

anyway i managed to get a few snaps of the dogs on retrieves. first up is Fusey, followed by Beren the cocker.


and finally my dummy launcher.......................getting a bit bored

Brilliant and interesting photos as usual BB

It's great to see photos of the dogs working

Thank you that looked great fun/hard work

Dave C

Great write up mate.

Admit it though, you wouldnt be happy if they wernt mad Keen

definitely, theres a few spaniels at the training club i go to, which for decades has been retrievers only, that have been drilled as peg dogs, sit retrieve, heel tight to the leg. it all looks impressive as they walk around but once they lose a dummy their first reaction is to look to be handled onto it, they look ponderous and lack that bit of verve my cocker has, once he learns that the stop whistle applies to everything, even very exciting things, and he will me chasing him across the field will cure that, we'll be ready for action, the ESS is out basically to keep her ticking over she stops to flush hunts like a demon, can get sticky if we are on ground she knows theres nothing there, so working her over the same barren ground several times is pointless as a training excercise. for many her pattern is a bit loose i let her go wider than many but she stops so sharp to the flush i feel able too, the cocker is kept as tight as its possible so he doesnt have too much of a head start

its all fun, spaniels are challenging, altho its the style of hunting rather than the dog, a spaniel at a peg at heel is easier than a lab thats out in front of you i feel, any dog with a bird in its nostrils is under severe temptation.

well out training with the trialing lads at 6 tomorrow morning, so hoping to pick up some good tips. its maddening but hugely enjoyable.
Dave C

My dogs have got themselves mixed up, i have a small trialing fast type of Lab which demolishes cover to the point of being suicidal which i have never seen with any other Lab to that extent.
And then my Wire Viz is still only a Pup but is so laid back it is getting quite frustrating as she looks more of a peg dog then the Lab, Ha
She is very steady with the whistle and her basic training is very good but her hunting for dummies etc is painfully slow, i think she is getting board and maybe its time to step thing up onto cold game, i am also thinking about giving her a few weeks off training and just free run her where there is game.

Sounds like your ESS is thinking for herself when she is on land she has already worked, which i personally like and i like that you can read them differently when on scent as apposed to hunting for scent, if you know what i mean.

How did it go with the trialing lads, are you looking to trial yourself?

it was a good session, trialing is not on my horizon, my mate who "gave" [fee = pup from first litter] trials but its not something i have given much thought too. if i get the right dog, maybe but thats the trick getting the right dog, if a dog cant cut it the trialers sell them on as shooting dogs, not sure i could do that after i'd bonded. theres a couple of new lads joined the club, Nick Powell at West Lancs Gundogs and his mate, so the spaniel sessions have become a separeate entity rather than getting lumped in with the retrievers who like to get up early and out and asked if i wanted to tag along. i jumped at it, free lessons    

the cocker did ok, as they said he is going to make mistakes do the wrong thing, the key is to get after him and correct him. which im doing and i can see progression. the plan is to have him ready for late summer rabbits then on to his first season in October with a few walked up days with the ESS, taking the burden of a full days work off her. so far things are going good, from the outside it might not look like it but there is,

the ESS bitch is in season, oh joy, so i only get her out every now and again at the minute once everyones boxed their dogs up. she is going great, the exposure to plenty of game is unsticking her, plus ive bneen told no more throwing dummies as thats causing the stickiness she is waiting for me to throw, so im to just drop blinds and memories now hunt her on then send her back. she had two flushes today, one she watched away after i flushed it [  my fault walking too quick..they keep yelling are you catching a bus, walk slooooooow to give the dog time to cover the ground] and a contact flush on a nice cock bird so thats good for her.

anyway they must like her, they've booked pups for next year, sire?? they dont care so long as he is sharp seeing the bitch was enough for them
Dave C

That sounds like a good set up mate.

Sounds like your ESS works as good as she looks
I can imagine you will have a waiting list for pups off her.
Dave C

Do you have a stud dog in mind for her yet bb ?

I really like the small type ESS would you look for a small type dog to go over her?

i'm looking for a bigger powefully built stud, she is so small my fear is doubling up [or should that be shrinking down] on size with a small stud. hopefully these studs will give a bit of size but not too much, but also i wont end up with any smaller than her. ive been discussing it with my mate who i got the bitch from, i'll make the final call but its good to consult. we're 12 months away so there are variables [especially with the first due to his age]

one stud we like is Helmsway Hawk

Another is a son of Hawk, Flaxdale Jamie

at the minute i like both of these, my preference currently being the older dog. but other names have been mentioned im to research a couple more so things may change. but both these are good strong dogs, great retrievers and obviously as FTch hunt like stink.
Dave C

Looks like very exciting times ahead

Its good to take your time and have a good look around and to be honest i find it an enjoyable and interesting task, too many leave it till the last minute then just use the dog down the street or in the beating line, sometimes the results are the same but i like to see them work and get to know what other dogs are in there lines, so you have a better idea what you are getting.

I am sure you wont rush the decision and both them look crackers.

You have gorgeous dogs  

Thanks sapphire

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