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Rick & Carol

mincing advice please

After hand mincing 30ib of pork for sausages the other day I'm looking to upgrade to an electric jobby prior to the next mincing day (turkey meat) at the beginning of Dec.

It seems an absolutely bewildering array of mincers available on e bay - I'm discounting the 20-60 ones on the basis of buy cheap buy twice.  Butchers & Industrial mincers seem to range from 200 to 400. I don't mind laying out around 200 as an investment but some advice will be much appreciated please
chicken feed

I brought a Anthony Worrel Thompson mincer about 5 years ago as a emergency fill in (could not wait for delivery of industrial type) i regularly put meat through and on occasion have minced upto three goats in one session. and yes its still going strong .i will buy a more robust one when this one gives up the ghost. iirc it was around 60

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