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Dave C

Midnight Cockerel Crowing

Heard the lads crowing about 11.45pm last night
Shone the lamp from the bedroom window and heat is a Fox sitting in the top field about 20 yards from the chicken house  

We're the Cockerels crowing because he was there  

Anyone else had this ?

My beggars are crowing from just after midnight right through to day break. It doesn't bother me but I'm not so sure about the neighbours.
I'm not sure why they crow so early but my birds today and in the past have done it.

Mine start at about 5am at this time of year, 3.30 to 4 in summer but they will crow at any time if there is something about.
Dave C

This lot like a lie in   luckily and don't crow until about 6.30am.

Must have been the fox set them off

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