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Microwave crisps

Anyone made them?

Apparently you take one large washed potato and cut into thin slices - pat dry on kitchen roll then mix in a bowl with one tablespoon veg oil and 1/4 teaspoon salt.  Microwave for between 3 and 5 mins.  can someone have a go please and let me know how they turn out??? If they work i can't see why it wouldn't work for beetroot, carrot and parsnip crisps.  We do have a microwave but only use it for defrosting dog food but although not big crisp eaters, if the basic recipe works I might just clean up the microwave and see if, with a bit of experiementing, I can make them a little more healthy

You could try them in yours to see if it works but just dont eat them?

We dont have one so cant help.

I used to have a microwave crispmaker years ago from somewhere like lakeland or bettaware,a circle with lots of little slots--I never found them that succesful and gave it to the church jumble.

I've found most microwave 'crispers' to be complete rubbish too................becuase there's no radiant heat nothing will truly crisp up properly, it just dehydrates  

Best way I've always found to make crisps is to use a Japanese mandolin to slice the potatoes, then into a wok a few at a time with a couple of inches of peanut oil  

thats my method too woodsmoke buti have just heard of this so might need to give it a special thingy needed just a bowl apparently.

I tried them yesterday Debbie, to have with my lunchtime sandwich.
I shook the potato slices oil and salt in a plastic bag, then spread them in a single layer on a pyrex pizza plate. They took about 5 and half minutes to brown. This is the result....

The brown ones were the most crispy. Not the best crisps I've tasted, but I'll have another go, giving them slightly longer in the m'wave. I can't see this working if they're in a bowl - they need to be spread out singly. A good trick to have up my sleeve when the grandkids come though!

they do look like crisps though.  still not tried them myself but will have a go at some point - particularly keen on the beet root, carrot and parsnip crisps

Oh go on just buy Kettle know they are the best! (Have to say that as OH works there!). Love LIzzie

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