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Are your dogs micro-chipped?
I've just read an article in a farming magazine that from April 6th it will be a legal requirement for all dogs in Wales to be micro-chipped - I'm not sure what the rules are in England.....
It doesn't say whether it is just for new puppies or for existing older dogs.

Yes it's going to be the law here in England to Kaz

The vet we use in Hay on Wye has been doing the chipping FOC for about a year now. It is all dogs not just puppies[/i]
Yorkshire Geordie

We got Biscuit as a stray from a registerd distributor of strays in Co Durham.
She cost the Princely sum of 50 plus a donation to cover spaying, chipping, vet fees, dosing injections and fees.
Best 50 payment we've ever made and the chipping ensures that she's ours. It works with the vets in Devon very well.
Having Biscuit chipped and insured has helped our costs for the current ongoing vet fees and treatment for inflamed intestines and blood tests/samples.
I would certainly recommend chipping for the animal's benefit as well as the owner's benefit.

Grace has a chip but Tilly the 11 year old lurcher is such a wimp that she would probably have a heart attack if we took her to be done.  

Yes both my dogs are chipped, the last four (including the present two) have been chipped, none before that though.
Rick & Carol

yes I read that same article. Morgan will have to be done when he goes to join the nutless club.

He it was voluntary for older dogs but all new/now young dogs have to be done but we got ours done as if they get out they we can be rung etc.

Both of ours are chipped, had them done as pups, except.... Amber got Mollys chip out not long after they were done. Thankfully, I caught her rolling the small chip around in her mouth and Molly got a new one.

Will it still be the law that non-working dogs have to have a collar and ID tag in public?

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