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i would like to take this opportunity to invite you to look at a forum i have started as i belive there are thousands of untold stories from the post war period

please take a look join if you wish and please post some of your stories/history befoe all these things are forgotten or lost to time

thankyou brian (btp)

I live in the past, so I'll certainly take a look.

Had a look, and will contribute as soon as I can dredge anything up from my failing memory!  

Thank you for that as I am same as you bodger so joined after you mate

I'm in

And me

I'll post on the new forum, but only the sort of stuff that I'd be posting on this ection. After all, I think we pretty much have that base covered here. Having said that, I'll pretty much natter with anyone.

I'm in too  

thanks to everyone who has popped over to join us

plenty of room for anybody with stories to tell

cheers btp

Im in too  

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