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Memorable smells

I was talking to someone today and they smelt of clean clothes

My immediate memory was of my mum doing the weekly wash with the washer and mangle by the kitchen sink using Persil washing powder.

What are your memorable smells?  

Freshly brought in hay in the haybarn is the one for me. After the hard work had been done, I would quite often go out and just stand in the barn to smell it. That and the smell of freshly cut grass really send me.

I also like the smell of a proper garden fire ( no plastic) Its something best smelt at a distance. You know what I mean, that fragrant whiff as you pass in a car.

Lavender polish. My mum used tons of it. I dont think you can get it anymore.  And of her cooking coley for the cat -she used to boil it in an old saucepan and leave it in the kitchen for days and it used to go off in hot weather.   My dad used to have a pipe with Condor tobacco I loved that smell.  Love Lizzie

Beeswax polish and the smell of cooking in butter remind me instantly of a school holiday in a castle in Austria when I was a child.

New woodshavings and haylage - I can immediately hear the munching of a cosy contented horse on a cold night.

The smell of greasy overalls remind me of my Dad.

Lavender water reminds me of the old lady who used to live next door.

Old woodsmoke takes me back to when we lived in France. The cottage where we lived had a bad draw up the chimney and everything smelled of woodsmoke!

Pickled Eggs.

Back in days of yore.

Trebors sweet factory, passed everyday on way to school.
Roads being laid with fresh Tarmac.
Yardley's Works. Bit sickly though, cosmetics being made.
Dickens the Bakers. Baked everything on premises.
Then the not so nice.
Knackers Yard/Bone Collectors Glue Works.
Pig Bin Van.
Nan's comode in her bedroom but probally just psychological.

The smell of the milking parlour - a mixture of cows, milk, feed and iodine and when freshly washed down just a hint of the above with an over riding smell of cleaning fluids.

Good hay.

New born babies

Those are all happy memories - good smells

Bad.... lights on to cook for the dog. Hops brewing for homemade beer. Poor silage.

Lilly of the valley and honeysuckle - my nan - the first she wore the second she grew in profusion.

Fresh hayledge and woodshavings- Georgie, my horse, when the stable is set faiir for the night and she is blowing contentedly.

pipe tobacco and whisky - my dad

wood smoke - the start of autumn

First boyfriend.....smelt of baked beans...was an absolute darling though

elderberry gran used to make this and it smelt and tasted fantastic!

my mum making homemade toffee...........

my mum boiling cabbage.......the whole house used to stink for days!!

Ironing....that slightly scorched smell......

White shirt now slightly beige.....guess what OH is doing right now...    

Cattle fold yard, good fresh hay ,milking time, lifebouy soap,furniture polish

Autumn leaves.

First lawn cuttings of the year.

Grilled bacon at 7 am.

Irises in the mortuary.  

The first rose buds to open each summer.

This is very odd but have you  ever smelt your dogs paws/pads

yes and they smell sweaty

Jake wrote:
This is very odd but have you  ever smelt your dogs paws/pads

All the time. After inhaling deeply I generally give Badger's feet a big smacker lol! I know, mental  


debbie wrote:
yes and they smell sweaty

D'Arcy has to get on his knees so you can smell his paws.

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