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Meet the tribe

Useless lot always asleep
green man

Awwww lovely babies, lucky super, I don't think there was a mirror in between them was there??


Hey I've got animals that don't sleep on my bed too!

I love the next to last one :q28:
These animals have a hard life don't they :smt103

What a lovely family! Do these animals of ours know how lucky they are? Do they compare notes with their mates when they go out do you think?Do they have a points system?

they undoubtedly compare notes

and they can use the internet in our absence

i have often thought that when i die i want to come back as one of my own dogs...............

They are really lovely.
The last pic would make a fab avatar


lovely cats & dogs, we have a cat that sits and watches squirrels digging nuts into the compost of my bonsai trees :q52: it looks at me gone out when i chase the tree rats away from them

it's kinda like....keeping a dog and barking yourself :banghead:


       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Other pets
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