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Meet the dogs.

Tarn. Almost 8yrs.

Breeze. Almost 5yrs.

Orey. 5mths.

They are stunners.

They are beautiful looking chappies!

They are absolutely gorgeous Dawn. If I was ever going to have a small dog the Border Terrier would be the only one. Small dog big heart. A friend has one called Effie and she plays with my Darcy (great dane) all the time but she is definitely boss and he loves her to bits:-)

Very cute!

I like Tarns heart shaped nose!

...and beautifully stripped as well......ours tend to be left with fluffy paws and faces

Thanks all. Never noticed Tarns nose before, i went and had a look at it properly when I saw the post Nzpome!! :-) it does look like a heart!


Lovely head studies Dawn
Tarn remindes me of Musky---I hate that term he's just like his dad
afterall he would not have been there without his " Mam"

Matamba xxx

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