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Meet Solly

I hope this link works - its to my facebook album of some (very bad) photographs I have taken of our new little boy.

He is cute and adorable and so TINY.  He is 12 weeks old and weighs in at two and half stone and his back comes up to my knee - He is so small I have spent most of the last 48 hours tripping over him!  However, what he lack (for now) in size he more than makes up in attitude - he's not shy at barking at me when i am working in the kitchen and am not handing over the samples.

House training is going well although typical dane he hates the wind and rain and really needs to be persuaded to go out and do his business - almost have him weeing on command when we go out though which is handy.

When he grows up to be a proper dane his name will be Soloman but at the moment he is most definitely a Solly.

Hope the link works;type=1&comment_id=1635137

ah yes, link seems to work - keeping clicking on the photograph and it will change from one to the other - think there are six in all

He's beautiful!
I see he's established the pecking order already, and that Simon knows his place  

He is absolutely adorable !!
Grandma Bodger

What a beautiful dog I love his colour and what a lovely face  

Gorgeous, stunning, adorable!

Aww Debbie is is utterly and totally gorgeous!! I love his colour. Give him a cyber hug from me! Love Lizzie

Fabulous little chap Debbie, well done with him, looks like Christmas for you will be complete!....and fun!

The eyes to the right have it. Solly? Is that a Chinese name?

Dogs rule.  He's gourgeous Debbie

You will have your hands full there

What a cutie

Saw the pics earlier on FB  

Didn't I 'hear' the name Jasper mentioned by Simon?  

Awwww......  Makes me want another puppy.  Mine is in her bed at present as it is "far too wet to venture outside!"  She's is a bit spoilt !

Mine is a black and called Phoebe, and I love love love her.  

Isn't he just beautiful? This will be a lucky Christmas puppy!


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